ATLANTA – Atlanta mayoral candidate Andre Dickens says police commanders are in a fight to bring order to the streets. And he says this is no time to discuss replacing the official at the top — Chief Rodney Bryant.

“He has my full support,” Dickens said.

The current councilman, who holds a key post overseeing Hartsfield Jackson airport, is fully aware that high crime, and what to do about it, likely will drive voters decisions this fall.

Dickens advocates tackling the issue in several ways, including building up police manpower and showing young people, who are causing a lot of the problems, a different option.

The councilman created the midnight basketball program at the atlanta recreation centers,

It had to be suspended for a year due to Covid. But it will start up again shortly.

“They have a good time, but we also do some mentoring,” Dickens said. “Sometimes, I am out there with the kids.”

Dickens says another “hands-on” action he has taken as councilmember centers around recruits.

He came up with the idea to provide housing for cadets — 36 apartments where they can stay for free while in class trying to learn to become a cop. 

“It did not make sense to me for these young people to come here and have to sleep on a sofa or in their cars,” Dickens noted.

By Morse Diggs | Atlanta | FOX 5 Atlanta

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