As Mayor, I interact with the Atlanta Police Department on a daily basis and regularly attend their morning roll…


My vision is to improve the transportation infrastructure and connectivity in Atlanta to not just get people where…

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Since taking office in January 2022, Mayor Andre Dickens and his Administration have worked to move Atlanta forward…


My goal is to ensure balanced and broad economic growth in all parts of Atlanta, including our black and brown…


My plan is to promote diversity of housing for our diverse community by building and preserving 20,000 units of…


As Atlanta’s 61st Mayor, I am fostering a spirit of partnership between the City and Atlanta Public Schools (APS)…

Post 3 At-Large Newsletter Summer 2020

Summer 2020 updates from Andre Dickens, Atlanta City Council. It’s hard for me to imagine that we are already halfway through the year. What a year it has been. In this edition of Post 3 At-Large’s Summer 2020 newsletter we cover: Transportations, COVID-19 Response, Atlanta Black Owned Restaurant Guide, Senior Health Day, Celebrating the Class […]

First Ever ATL DOT Announced

The first ever ATL DOT Commissioner announced today! In 2017, I passed the law to study how to create a Department of Transportation. In mid-2019, I cosponsored law to create and fund ATLDOT. Today we announced the commissioner Josh Rowan.  Mayor Bottoms and I are moving transportation goals forward. My vision has been to not […]

Challenges and Opportunities for Collective Problem Solving in Atlanta

Whenever the next challenge or crisis arises in Atlanta—as it is inevitably going to happen—we need to approach the solutions to that problem as another opportunity to collectively come together as a community and do something great to solve that problem for all of the people who call Atlanta home. By collectively finding solutions, I […]

Andre Dickens Takes Next Steps Toward Creation of Atlanta Department of Transportation

On my first day as a city councilman, I was placed on the Transportation Committee and immediately asked where the Atlanta Transportation Department was located. I quickly learned that we didn’t have one. Over time, my engineering background and instincts insisted that we needed better coordination of our transportation and mobility efforts. In early 2017, […]