Ethics In Government

As someone who made ethics in government a major issue in my campaign for City Council four years ago, I am especially concerned about the recent arrests and activities involving the City’s procurement process and department. Bribes and similar shortcuts are legally wrong and civically unfair. The Council, for our part as the representatives of the people, must do whatever is necessary to restore transparency and trust to city government. I will be reaching out to my colleagues and other citizens to take the necessary to steps to implement reforms that will help prevent this conduct from happening again.

I urge all city employees, officials, and anyone else to report any unethical or illegal behavior to the Ethics Office and federal authorities. We must have a government as good as the people of Atlanta.

I sent a formal letter to the city attorney, Cathy Hampton, requesting an executive session next week to provide an update to Councilmembers at the committee I chair, Public Safety and Legal Administration on Tuesday at 3pm and Finance Executive Committee on Wednesday at 1pm. She responded agreeing to both times.