Free Cell Phone Mounts

Effective July 1, 2018, drivers are prohibited from:

  • Holding or supporting a cell phone or other electronic device with any part of the body
  • Writing, sending or reading any text messages, e-mail or internet data.
  • Watching, recording, or broadcasting a video or movie

Why Do We Need this Law?

Significant increases in rear-end crashes, single car crashes, and crashes by young drivers are a clear indication of driver inattention.


  • 1st Conviction: 1pt & $50, 2nd Conviction: 2pts, & $100, 3+ Convictions: 3pts, $150
  • There is no grace period, but officers are able to issue warnings

FAQ About Apps While Driving:

  • You can use music streaming apps like Spotify, but only if you start the app and only interact with it before driving or while parked.
  • You are allowed to talk on your phone and may touch it to receive and end calls. You may not use any calling apps such as Skype or Facetime, or record video.
  • You are NOT required to use a dashboard mount for your phone. The seat or cupholder is acceptable. You may not physically hold or support your phone in any way while driving.