Sustainability Matters

This April, the City of Atlanta passed landmark commercial Energy Efficiency legislation. The goal of the legislation is to make Atlanta one of the most sustainable cities in the country. As Chair of the City Council’s Community Development Human Resources Committee (CDHR), this was hard work that required dedicated partners from the business community and the City. Together we were able to pass legislation that I hope will ensure we have significant public input at our meetings so that input will help us create better policies.

I know how important having a city that values sustainability is and from the many conversations that I have had during the five-month process that this effort took, that there are a lot of passionate and committed people vested in a more energy efficient Atlanta.

This was just one way that I saw the best of Atlanta. It was indicative of the Atlanta Way – with diverse thoughts and ideas coming together to offer a solution that will improve our city. I strongly believe that when big cities take energy waste seriously and make American cities healthier and better. Atlanta can be a global leader in sustainability and a city of innovation for green technology jobs