Atlanta must have a government as good as its people. The cloud of corruption of past administrations has impacted not only the morale of the city, but the efficiency of our government as well. I am dedicated to transparency, that’s why I posted my tax returns on my website (Returns – Andre Dickens) and challenged the other candidates to do so as well. The Race for City Hall: Will you get to see your next mayor’s tax returns? The voters of Atlanta need and deserve this type of transparency.

While serving on the City Council, I led the charge for the most sweeping ethics, procurement, and transparency reforms in recent Atlanta history. Some of my major initiatives include:

  • Creating government purchase card regulations to ensure accountability in how government officials spend discretionary funds.
  • Establishing the Independent Procurement Review Office to provide mandatory independent review of all procurements over $1 million, helping to ensure transparency and fairness in government contracting.
  • Working closely with the City Ethics Office to review existing practices and create a set of recommendations and policies to ensure that tax dollars are spent with integrity, and oversight.