As Mayor, my focus has been to immediately halt the crime plaguing our communities by investing new federal resources in additional officers, technology and tactics, and coordinating with groups to identify and detain dangerous criminals. I also plan to invest in job placement programs, anti-recidivism outreach, after-school programs, and creating good-paying jobs for overlooked citizens and communities.

My 4-Point Plan for S.A.F.E. Streets Atlanta includes:

  • S: Surge the police force by 250 officers in the first year while training every APD employee in racial sensitivity and de-escalation techniques.
  • A: Arrest gang leaders preying on our children and resolve court backlogs to get violent criminals off the streets, while better engaging with youth through a Youth Commissioner.
  • F: Create task forces with federal agencies to address gun trafficking and deploy specialists to deal with non-violent issues like mental health and homelessness.
  • E: Empower APD to engage in community policing and support them with new technologies like smart streetlights and shot-spotters, while providing stipends to officers to help them live in the community they serve.

I believe community policing is essential for future policing, starting with well-trained officers, youth engagement, collaboration with community leaders, and accountability to build trust. My goal is for Atlanta to be a beacon of 21st Century training and reform for community safety and justice.


As Mayor, I interact with the Atlanta Police Department on a daily basis and regularly attend their morning roll calls.I have hired a capable new Police Chief, Darin Schierbaum, and we have increased recruitment efforts to bring more officers onto the force. We have also implemented measures to lower 911 wait-times and improve emergency response. My first phone call every morning is with Chief Schierbaum, and I provide ongoing support to the APD. My hands-on leadership style has improved morale within the department.

To enhance community safety, we have opened a brand new police precinct in Buckhead Village and installed new streetlights and cameras to deter and convict criminals. Additionally, we have significantly reduced the presence of ‘water boys’ in our community, cracked down on ‘party house rentals,’ and closed illegal nightlife operations and nuisance properties.

Through ongoing collaboration with the APD, we will continue to take proactive steps to create a safer and more secure Atlanta for all residents.