My vision is to improve the transportation infrastructure and connectivity in Atlanta to not just get people where they are going each day, but to get them where they are going in life. I have a transportation expertise and proven track record to address Atlanta’s traffic and transportation problems and ensure that the millions of federal transportation dollars coming to the city are allocated efficiently and equitably. To achieve this, I will implement Project Delivery Excellence with Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency, streamline procurement to remove roadblocks, and prioritize small, impactful projects.

I will also leverage the federal infrastructure package to complete BeltLine rail and Campbellton Road transit by 2030, and complete the rollout of Vision Zero by reducing speed limits and installing traffic calming devices and streetlights across the entire city. Additionally, I plan to implement free MARTA for all by 2030, starting with providing subsidies for students, seniors, disabled persons, and city employees.

To drive the growth of more Equitable Transit-Oriented Development, I will lead transit-oriented development planning and revise zoning or development codes to require an affordable housing component and reduced parking near transit.


As Mayor, the city completed several projects and maintenance work. They served 19,553 customers through work orders with the help of a dedicated workforce of 379. The city repaired 10,460 linear feet of sidewalks, resurfaced 42.88 miles of roadway, and repaired 10,617 potholes. They also installed 5,362 new signs and 4.54 miles of bicycle lanes. The city has around 159,500 total assets, including 1,000 traffic signal intersections, 54,000 streetlights, 4,500 miles of roadway, and 100,000 installed signs. Several projects were completed during their tenure, including Krog Street Tunnel Lighting, Glenwood/Moreland Roadway Alignment, and Cherokee Avenue Bike & Crosswalks. The city also worked on emergency repairs for the Cheshire Bridge Road Bridge and Veltre Circle. Additionally, they completed several resurfacing projects and signal optimization work, as well as installing the Boulevard Granada Artistic Tactical Walk Lane and the South Fork Conservancy Confluence Trail Pedestrian Bridge.