Housing isn’t just about buildings and profit. It’s about people. And this problem doesn’t just impact people in poverty, it impacts all of us. A successful housing affordability strategy requires a collective approach, where all parties are seated at the table. I am committed to ensuring development without displacement and providing practical, diverse housing options for our diverse community. As Atlanta thrives, I will continue to work hard to secure affordable housing opportunities for all.



Diversity of Housing for our Diverse Community

Build/Preserve 20,000 Units of Affordable Housing In 8 Years 

  • Appoint a Chief Housing Officer with experience in building and preservation of housing.
  • Lead the partnership with the Atlanta Housing Authority to build affordable housing on Bowen Homes, Hollywood Courts, Bankhead, Englewood, North Avenue, and other sites where hundreds of acres lay barren yet are ripe for the development of mixed-income housing.
  • Incentivize amenity driven, transit oriented, and mixed-income development in underdeveloped parts of town.
  • Increase housing options around transit stops
  • Streamline and consolidate the building codes to avoid unnecessary costs which are passed on to renters

Development without Displacement

  • Provide Provisions, Incentives and support For Seniors & Long-term Residents
  • Freeze property taxes for seniors.
  • Ensure that there are fair and equitable tax abatements in Atlanta, Fulton County, and Dekalb County.
  • Increase properties that have long-term affordability.
  • Expand Community Land Trusts.
  • Complete and expand the recommendations of HouseATL, a cross-sector group of civic leaders committed to developing and coordinating a housing affordability action plan in the City of Atlanta. 
  • Increase acquisition and transactions at the Land Bank Authority


Mission work, not just profit work

  • Allocate increased funding for affordable housing, including:
    • $250 million affordable housing bond
    • $10 million in funding from the general fund each year
    • $10 million in new annual funding from renewable sources


Incentivize affordable housing development for deeper AMI

  • Expand existing Inclusionary Zoning Policy citywide and lower the percentage of affordability to include 30-50% AMI.
  • Include wrap-around services that families need – day care, after school programs, health care, pharmacies, grocery, banking – in new affordable housing developments modeled after mixed-use developments
  • Make property tax exemptions for nonprofit developers automatic
  • Create a recurring revenue source for affordable development by leveraging Catalytic Capital and Impact Investments



My work to provide and protect affordable housing throughout the city demonstrates my deep commitment and leadership to equitable housing for all:

  • Successfully wrote and championed groundbreaking Inclusionary Zoning legislation requiring new rental developments in the BeltLine and Westside neighborhoods to provide affordably priced set aside units.
  • Authored monumental legislation that requires any development receiving public dollars to produce affordable housing units.
  • Pushed legislation that has become the model for affordable housing legislation in Fulton and DeKalb Counties, and for Invest Atlanta, BeltLine, and APS.
  • Created the fund and program to rehab senior homes along the BeltLine Westside Trail and co-sponsored legislation creating the $40 million Housing Opportunity Bond.
  • Passed legislation that requires Affordable Housing Impact Statements for all land developments.
  • As Community Development Chairman and Invest Atlanta Board Secretary, incentivized more than 2,000 affordable units.