As a council member, I’ve tackled several complex issues (like affordable housing and transportation) through legislation and hard work. We’ve changed the way the city works on these issues, and I’m proposing to do it again, with S.A.F.E. Streets Atlanta, a 4-Point Plan to reduce violent crime by 25% by the end of 2022.

S.A.F.E. Streets Atlanta

  • SURGE the police force by 250 officers in my first year and 400 by the second. Train officers in conflict resolution and support them with technology like security cameras and license plate readers.
  • ARREST the gang leaders who are preying on our children and hire city-funded prosecutors empowered to resolve court backlogs and get violent criminals off the streets.
  • Create a strike FORCE to go after gun traffickers and illegal guns. And work with federal and state agencies like GBI, FBI, ATF and to keep dangerous gangs out of Atlanta and guns out of our communities.
  • EMPOWER APD to do community policing and focus on dangerous crime and let specialists address non-violent issues. Recruit first responders from HBCUs so they have college degrees and cultural sensitivity.

As Mayor, my focus will be on immediately halting the crime that’s plaguing our communities through SAFE STREETS ATLANTA. But I won’t stop there.  I have a plan to stop crime TODAY, by investing in my S.A.F.E. Streets Plan, but I also know that we have to fight the crime of TOMORROW – and I will simultaneously invest resources in job placement programs, anti-recidivism outreach, after school programs and creating good paying jobs for citizens and communities that have been overlooked for too long.


I have already established a firm foundation for future public safety goals with these achievements while serving on the Atlanta City Council:

  • Joined the APD Chief of Police Advisory Council in November 2020 as the only City Councilmember in order to provide input to the Chief and APD leadership staff on public safety needs and solutions throughout the city.
  • Endorsed by the International Brotherhood of Police and the Atlanta Police Foundation in 2013 and 2017 City Council races.
  • Chaired the Public Safety and Legal Administration Committee in 2017, during which time homicides went down 33%, and all violent crimes decreased 12%.
  • Championed and passed pay increases for Investigators and Senior Patrol Officers effective retroactively to August, 2015.
  • Co-sponsored “ban the box” legislation, which no longer requires applicants to reveal prior convictions on employment applications.
  • Conducted monthly “Walk-n-Talks” with APD and community members to walk the streets preventing crime.
  • Hosted NPU Public Safety leaders at the Video Integration Center to see how APD uses cameras.
  • Introduced and passed “8 Can’t Wait” legislation to ban dangerous police tactics and create clearer escalation of force procedures.
  • Sponsored legislation increasing annual salaries for Senior Patrol Officers (18-O-1085) and sponsored legislation to purchase additional license plate readers (18-O-1249).
  • Served on Pre-Arrest Diversion Initiative Design Team (16-C-5087) and sponsored legislation studying feasibility for Midnight Basketball League (16-R-3272).